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Articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals concerning physics

This is the complete list of publications of the FAZIA collaboration concerning physics research using the detectors, electronics, and identification techniques developed by the collaboration.

Isospin transport in 84Kr+112,124Sn collisions at Fermi energies

Phys. Rev. C 87, 054607 – Published 13 May 2013
Isotopically resolved fragments with Z≲20 have been studied with a high-resolution telescope in a test run for the FAZIA Collaboration. The (...)

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N and Z odd-even staggering in Kr+Sn collisions at Fermi energies

Phys. Rev. C 88, 064607 – Published 10 December 2013
The odd-even staggering of the yield of final reaction products has been studied as a function of proton (Z) and neutron (N) numbers for the (...)

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Probing the nuclear equation of state in heavy-ion collisions at Fermi energy in isospin-sensitive exclusive experiments

Phys. Rev. C 81 (2010) 044619
We propose a few selected experimental approaches to show that new-generation instruments can give a direct access to significant observables on the density (...)

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