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Letters of intent for the future radioactive beam facilities (SPIRAL2, SPES ...)


Heavy-ion collisions (HIC) allow exploring the nuclear equation of state (EoS) under laboratory controlled conditions. In such complex dynamical systems particle-particle correlations probe (...)

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The basic idea of this proposal, is firstly to validate this signature of neutron in a Si-CsI(Tl) telescope and secondly to measure the probability of such a process. To do this, we plan to use (...)

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In this Letter of Intent, we describe the experimental program that we want to perform with the FAZIA demonstrator coupled to the INDRA detector at GANIL. This scientific program concerns the (...)

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LoI_SP2_Ph2 40: The role of the Isospin in the formation and decay of excited nuclei

Beams of Kr isotopes will be accelerated by the Spiral2 facility under 10 AMeV. The idea of the present proposal is to employ these isotopes, together with some stable beams, to (...)

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LoI_SP2_Ph2 41: Transport Properties of Isospin Asymmetric Nuclear Matter

We propose to investigate the transport properties of isospin asymmetric nuclear matter at near saturation densities by studying charge equilibration in deep inelastic reactions. (...)

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Neutron and proton transfer in dissipative collisions

The idea of this programme is to extend the investigation on reaction mechanisms at low to moderate bombarding energies (5-12AMeV), performed up to now with stable ions, to the SPES beams, (...)

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Prompt collective oscillations with exotic beams

This Letter of Intent (LoI) manifests interest in using SPES radioactive beams. The physics case is similar to the LoI already presented by other italian groups which we refer to. This fact (...)

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