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Neutron and proton transfer in dissipative collisions

Letter of intent for the SPES-ALPI facility with the support of the FAZIA Collaboration

by FAZIA Collaboration - published on

The idea of this programme is to extend the investigation on reaction mechanisms at low to moderate bombarding energies (5-12AMeV), performed up to now with stable ions, to the SPES beams, focusing on
the interplay of the dynamics and the sequential decay of the excited fragments produced in dissipative collisions.
At this energy regime, reactions proceed via nucleon exchanges which are mainly ruled by the mean-field, whose details are poorly known expecially in system characterized by exotic isospin contents. Very
selective data are scarce so far, due to both the intrinsic difficulty of disentangling the two main sources of particle emission at low energies and the limitations of the detectors used till now; we think that new
insights can be gained from experiments with exotic (and stable) beams exploiting highly performing detectors and analysis techniques.