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LoI_SP2_Ph2 41: Transport Properties of Isospin Asymmetric Nuclear Matter

Letter of intent for the SPIRAL2 Phase II - Day One

by FAZIA Collaboration - published on , updated on


We propose to investigate the transport properties of isospin asymmetric nuclear matter at near saturation densities by studying charge equilibration in deep inelastic reactions. Comparison of the measurements to state-of-the-art transport models will allow us to put constraints on the drift and diffusion coefficients and also on the symmetry energy around saturation density. The mass and charge distributions (centroids, variances and correlation coefficients) will be measured as a function of dissipated energy for the reactions 78Kr+238U and 92Kr+238U at E/A=8.5 MeV. The experimental setup will consist of the VAMOS spectrometer in coincidence with large-area MWPCs for the projectile and target-like fragments respectively and the FAZIA array for the light charged particles.


This LoI proposes to study the transport properties of isospin asymmetric nuclear matter at near saturation density by investigating charge equilibration in deep-inelastic collisions with beams of
78Kr and 92Kr on a 238U target. The aim is to compare the experimental observables to transport model calculations and extract drift and diffusion coefficients. The collaboration benefits here
from a strong involvement of theoretical groups.

The SAC acknowledges the interesting physics case made with FAZIA at rather low energies.

The collaboration should, with the aid of model calculations, define the interesting experimental observables and sharpen thus the physics case. The collaboration should also take into account
that moving VAMOS to 66o might not be possible. This issue should be addressed before resubmission of the proposal.

[1from the Minutes of the meeting of SPIRAL2 Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) held in
Caen on 26-28 January 2011