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What is FAZIA ?

by FAZIA Collaboration - published on , updated on

The FAZIA project groups together more than 10 institutions in Nuclear Physics, which are working in the domain of heavy-ion induced reactions around and below the Fermi energy (10-100AMeV). The aim of the project is to build a 4Pi array for charged particles, with high granularity and good energy resolution, with A and Z identification capability over the widest possible range. It will use the up-to-date techniques concerning detection, signal processing and data flow, with full digital electronics. Neutron detection is also foreseen via the collaboration with the NEUTROMANIA group.

The Fazia group at LNS, December 2014

FAZIA is designed to operate at stable and radioactive beams facilities like LNL-Legnaro, LNS-Catania in Italy, GANIL-SPIRAL and SPIRAL2 in France, GSI-FAIR in Germany in the horizon 2010-2015. The availability of the european radioactive beam facility EURISOL expected in the period 2015-2020 will also be a major opportunity for the FAZIA community.

The physic case is mainly related to the study of the Thermodynamics and Dynamics of exotic nuclei, exploring the isospin degree of freedom for nuclear matter and its role in the nuclear equation of state, such as for phase transitions or for symmetry energy.