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N and Z odd-even staggering in Kr+Sn collisions at Fermi energies

S. Piantelli et al

by S. Piantelli - published on

Phys. Rev. C 88, 064607 – Published 10 December 2013

The odd-even staggering of the yield of final reaction products has been studied as a function of proton (Z) and neutron (N) numbers for the collisions 84Kr+112Sn and 84Kr+124Sn at 35 MeV/nucleon in a wide range of elements (up to Z≈20). The experimental data show that staggering effects rapidly decrease with increasing size of the fragments. Moreover the staggering in N is definitely larger than the one in Z. Similar general features are qualitatively reproduced by the gemini code. Concerning the comparison of the two systems, the staggering in N is in general rather similar, being slightly larger only for the lightest fragments produced in the n-rich system. In contrast the staggering in Z, although smaller than that in N, is sizably larger for the n-poor system with respect to the n-rich one.