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A single-chip telescope for heavy-ion identification

G. Pasquali et al

by G. Pasquali - published on

Eur. Phys. Jour. A, (2012), 48:158

A ΔE-E telescope exploiting a single silicon chip for both ΔE measurement and scintillation light collection has been tested. It is a Si - CsI (Tl) telescope tailored for mass identification of light charged particles and intermediate mass fragments. A procedure based on two different shaping filters allows for extraction of the ΔE-E information from the single silicon signal. The quality of the obtained fragment identification is expressed in terms of a figure of merit and compared to that of a standard ΔE-E telescope. The presented configuration could be a good candidate for the basic cell of a large solid angle array of ΔE-E telescopes, given the reduction in complexity and cost of the front-end electronics.