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The european FAZIA initiative: a high-performance digital telescope array for heavy-ion studies

by G. Casini - published on

The european Fazia collaboration aims at building a new modular array for
charged product identification to be employed for heavy-ion studies. The elementary
module of the array is a Silicon-Silicon-CsI telescope, optimized for ion identification
also via pulse shape analysis. The achievement of top performances imposes specific
electronics which has been developed by FAZIA and features high quality charge and
current preamplifiers, coupled to fully digital front-end. During the initial R&D phase,
original and novel solutions have been tested in prototypes, obtaining unprecedented ion
identification capabilities. FAZIA is now constructing a demonstrator array consisting of
about two hundreds telescopes arranged in a compact and transportable configuration. In
this contribution, we mainly summarize some aspects studied by FAZIA to improve the
ion identification. Then we will briefly discuss the FAZIA program centered on experiments
to be done with the demonstrator. First results on the isospin dynamics obtained
with a reduced set-up demonstrate well the performance of the telescope and represent a
good starting point towards future investigations with both stable and exotic beams.