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Progresses in the pulse shape identification with silicon detectors within the FAZIA Collaboration

L. Bardelli et al

by L. Bardelli - published on

Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A, 654 (2011) 272-278


In the last few years the FAZIA collaboration has been investigating the properties of silicon detectors – in particular the crystal orientation and resistivity non-uniformity– in order to better pin down the detector characteristics that influence their performances for particle identification using DE-E and Pulse Shape Analysis (PSA) techniques.

In this paper we present the first particle
identification results obtained with detectors selected for good resistivity uniformity and using a ‘‘non-channeled’’ configuration. A new digital electronics was also designed for the R&D phase of FAZIA
and was tested under beam for the first time.

A quantitative procedure to measure the observed
performances is applied in order to quantify the particle identification thresholds. Particle identification thresholds of about 2.5 AMeV for Z between 3-10 have been reached with the studied reaction.