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New digital techniques applied to A and Z identification using pulse shape discrimination of silicon detector current signals

S. Barlini et al

by S. Barlini - published on

Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A, 600 (2009) 644-650

Extending pulse shape discrimination (PSD) to digitized signals is one of the most promising methods to identify particles stopped in a detector. Using the CIME accelerator in the GANIL laboratory, a measurement campaign was done to collect data corresponding to different charges, masses and energies of implanted ions. These data are used to develop an algorithm capable to discriminate the different particles both in mass and charge. In this experiment, a image n-TD reverse mounted Si detector was used. These studies on PSD are part of the FAZIA R&D, a research and development project aiming at building a new 4π array for isospin nuclear physics.