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2 May 2017


Here are all the presentations from the PrePAC Meeting held at GANIL on 4th-5th April 2017 (with permission from their authors).

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25 April 2017

FAZIADays 2017 (GANIL)

Meeting of the collaboration on 6/7th April 2017 in GANIL. All presentations are now online (intranet).

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13 May 2016

FAZIA Day 2016

The FAZIA collaboration met on May 13th 2016 at GANIL, Caen (France).

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29 March 2015

FAZIA Days 2015

The FAZIA collaboration met at Legnaro National Laboratories, Italy, from March 23rd to March 25th 2015.

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22 January 2015

Minutes of ICC-EWG meeting 22/1/2015

Minutes of the ICCEWG held at GANIL on the 22nd January 2015
Agenda of the meeting was: Synchronisation and Trigger systems

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24-27/09/19: FAZIA Workshop & Days

Workshop and collaboration meeting held at GANIL in September 2019

10/11/2017 FAZIA day

Collaboration meeting in Florence

6-7/4/2017: FAZIADays

Collaboration meeting at GANIL

4-5/4/2017: FAZIA@GANIL PrePAC Meeting

Open meeting at GANIL to discuss the scientific programs of FAZIA and FAZIA@INDRA

8-31/3/2017: FAZIACOR experiment

FAZIACOR 4-block experiment at LNS Catania. Spokespersons: G. Verde and D. Gruyer

12-14/7/2016 Test beam (LNS)

Beam testing for the next LNS experiments

13/5/2016 FAZIA Day GANIL

The collaboration met at GANIL on 13/5/2016

11-19/12/2015 FAZIASYM experiment

FAZIASYM experiment at LNS Catania with 4 blocks

4-15/6/2015 ISOFAZIA experiment

4-block FAZIA experiment at LNS Catania

23-25/3/2015 FAZIA Days 2015

Legnaro National Laboratories, Italy